When the Love Affair is Over eBook

“Why can’t I stop eating?” Have you asked yourself that question? I did. Why me? I’ve asked the same question many times. Food thoughts - do they take up most of the storage space in your brain?? Well you are not alone! Hi I’m BJ. When the Love Affair is Over is not 10 Quick Fixes 5 Fast Tips or 3 Easy Ways to do anything – When the Love Affair is Over is a story of a person who really loves food, a Foodie, ME!

As you read through the pages of my life, you will begin to discover you identify with my story. How you arrived on this path may be different, however the experience is the same. We use food to silence our emotions. As my story unfolds you will begin to see the origin of the insatiable obsession with food. Today, I have put food in its proper place. I would love to share with you what I’ve learned. Welcome to the journey. See you on the other side.

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